Volume Graphics - Software
Freeware & Reseller Sales

For over a decade our industrial
computed tomography lab has trusted
Volume Graphics as the leading and globally recognized software in our industry.


Jesse Garant Metrology Center exclusively uses Volume Graphics Software for Viewing, Analyzing, and communicating our reconstructed imaging results.

With the release of each CT dataset a free viewing software (MyVGL) from Volume Graphics is provided with the results.  With myVGL, you can view 3D objects, the analyses and measurements performed on your objects, and the results.

All of the analyses and analysis results created by our Quality Engineers using Volume Graphics software can be viewed by the inquiring individual or end customer with the myVGL viewing software. 

Volume Graphics Software, MyVGL



In addition to using Volume Graphics Software, our company is also an approved reseller in the US & Canada.  No matter what insights you need to gain from your products, VGSTUDIO MAX will get you there. The modular software suite offers the complete spectrum of Volume Graphics functionality.  Choose from a wide selection of modules for material analysis, geometry analysis, simulation, and CT reconstruction options. 


For clients looking for a software option between myVGL and VGSTUDIO MAX, VGSTUDIO is an ideal choice for visual quality inspection in industrial applications.  Like in the automotive industry, but also for the visualization of data in fields of academic research.  VGSTUDIO covers the entire workflow, from the precise reconstruction of three-dimensional volume data sets using the CT images taken by the CT scanner, but also for visualization (in 3D and 2D) and the creation of impressive movies.

Contact us to learn more about the softare, obtain a 30 day demo seat prior to purchase, or to request a competitive software quote for your industrial CAT Scan application.