Jesse Garant Metrology Center is a globally recognized part inspection company, providing NDT and Metrology services using advanced imaging equipment. For companies we deal with on a larger scale our imaging solutions; increase time to market, improve quality, reduce uncertainties, and identify failures faster. As we do not sell machines and we are not affiliated with any equipment manufacturer, we guarantee that our results are of the highest quality and always remain unbiased.  For our clients who wish to become more involved in the analysis aspect of our services, we also sell the software we use.

  • History - Company

    In 2009, Jesse Garant & Associates was founded to provide advanced manufacturing support for industry with an outside the box approach to problem solving.  After starting off as a manufacturing consulting firm for the automotive industry, it continued to expand its capabilities into a little-known tomography technology. In the fall of 2009 the company’s founder coined and popularized the term “Industrial CT Scanning” through a massive information marketing campaign.  The term “Industrial CT Scanning” has since grown in popularity and is now widely adopted to identify tomography in industry today.

    In 2011 the company relocated its headquarters to the historical neighborhood of Walkerville.  Through prudent reinvestment the company added additional locations, employee skillsets, service capacities, and diversified inspection capabilities to include digital radiography and 3D scanning.  Due to extensive knowledge in the field of tomography, the company builds and customizes their Industrial CT Scanning systems to offer the very best part inspection services globally.

    In 2016 the company went through a massive re-branding campaign and changed their operating name to Jesse Garant Metrology Center to accurately reflect the imaging focus of the company.  In the same year, the company received recognition as being the 64th fastest growing company in the country, with highlights as an innovator, exporter, and job creator.  As of 2017, the company operates out of three US and Canadian locations with 30,000 square feet of combined industrial space, serving North American and international markets.

  • History - Logo

  • Vision

    Fueled by drive, forward thinking, and a true belief of achieving success, we will provide trusted solutions that create meaningful advancements in industry.

  • Mission

    For every potential and current client, we will provide the highest level of customer service while meeting and exceeding expectations, every time.

  • Strategy

    In a positive environment, we will use our united power of knowledge along with the latest in feasible imaging technology to become a leading service company in the NDT and Metrology fields.

  • Founder - Jesse Garant

    Jesse Garant was born and raised outside of Leamington, Ontario. County life instilled in him the value of independence and a passion for all things mechanical. After taking up his ambitions in machining and receiving a highly-recognized Society of Manufacturing Engineering (SME) design award, he decided to study mechanical engineering at St. Clair College. To support himself, Jesse worked full time for a local tool and mold shop before moving on to a project management position overseeing photometric tooling for automotive applications.

    In the economic down turn of 2008 his years of industry experience prompted him to transition towards consulting, eventually establishing the now globally recognized firm Jesse Garant Metrology Center.  With 96% of revenues reinvested into growth, Jesse’s dedication and commitment to the company are undoubted. Through his leadership, Jesse Garant Metrology Center has quickly positioned itself as a leading part inspection service company in the NDT and metrology fields.