About Us

Jesse Garant Metrology Center was founded in 2009 for the sole purpose of providing easy access to an emerging complex imaging technology. As an Engineer, Jesse Garant quickly identified the benefits as a failure investigation tool, the ability to qualify new products, and to aid manufactures who are trying to improve their product quality while reducing costs.

Over the years the company has grown an experienced team, built the right facilities, and puts forth quality CT Inspection & X-Ray Sorting services backed by industry certifications.

As each project is unique, a short technical feasibility assessment is performed each time to ensure the services provided are the right fit based upon the project objectives. Upon project completion, the company ensures that the inquiring individual and key decision makers can understand the results over a web conference which allows quick and qualified decisions to be made.

1500 + Customers

Inspection services for single parts up to hundreds of thousands of parts have been trusted by over 1500+ customers that include Prime Manufacturers, OEM’s, Tier 1, and Tier 2 companies.


Many customers that have had an initial project quickly identified a company wide benefit and continue to access our services on a reoccurring basis.