Jesse Garant Metrology Center is a Globally Recognized Part Inspection Service Company, Providing NDT and Metrology Solutions Using Advanced Imaging Equipment.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services

NDT companies and in-house laboratories are essential in the validation of parts and assemblies at several intervals throughout a product’s life cycle.  As every project is highly unique, the NDT labs at Jesse Garant Metrology Center match your part with the proper inspection machine each and every time to ensure the highest quality result.  Our non-destructive testing services are non-contact, repetitive, and precise which allows our testing company to relay non biased information to the customer with confidence.  Inspection results are analyzed by our experienced in-house staff which is a key factor when customer’s requirements have to be met and relayed in an easy to read format.

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Metrology Services

It is hard to make a qualified decision when data is not accurate.  This is why our metrology lab calibrates every system to NIST traceable artifacts to ensure accurate and repeatable results.  With accurate results, we then pair our extensive metrology background with the customer’s dimensional inspection requirement for a complete metrology solution.   Depending on the dimensional inspection project, our metrology services are an ideal fit for first article inspection, PPAP, or AS9102 form 3 reporting requirements.

some of our clients

what our customers have to say

“Jesse Garant Metrology Center has been performing CT scans of cast aluminum housings for two of our helicopter fuel control applications for the past 5 years.  These scans have been used to check for the presence of local thin walls within the housings.  In one case, the scans were performed on the raw castings.  Those identified with thin walls were scrapped prior to any machining operations being performed, thus saving the investment of machining costs into housings that ultimately would be scrapped.  In the other case, the suspect walls were next to critical machined features, requiring the scans to be completed post-machining.  In this case while we were unable to prevent the investment of machining costs into the housings, the scanning prevented defective product from being delivered to the customer.”

Dean Anderson, Manager – Hydromechanical Engineering, Triumph Engine Control Systems


Part Inspection Services


3D Internal

CT Scanning

Internal inspection and validation in 3D without destroying your part.



2D Internal


Quick 2D internal part inspection in an easy to interpret digital format.



3D External

3D Scanning

High accuracy and high resolution 3D external part inspection.