With the Nominal/Actual Comparison add-on module, VGStudio MAX provides a unique tool for the direct comparison of volume data with a CAD model or a second volume data set. Having used the Coordinate Measurement add-on module to fit the CT data set to the nominal CAD model, oversize and undersize is determined over the entire surface.

The data set to be examined is color-coded according to its deviation from the specification and a report containing statistical data as well as 2D and 3D images of the critical areas is generated. Since Nominal/Actual comparisons are performed directly on the volume data sets, there is no need to convert volume data into a surface model, which is not only time-consuming but also results in a loss of data. A ROI (Region of Interest) concept allows comparisons to be restricted to specific areas of an object


  • automatic and fast comparison of a scanned object with a reference object
  • comparison of volume data with a CAD model (Nominal/Actual Comparison) or a second volume data set (Actual/Actual Comparison)
  • color-coded visualization of analysis results
  • direct comparison of volume data sets – no conversion to point clouds or STL data required
  • user-defined reporting of all analysis results