Measurement Inspection for Difficult to Verify Part Features

We provide easy access to aid manufacturers in identifying dimensional variations using our Metrology based CT scanning services


Most of our clients identify imaging with internal visualization due to a personal experience in the medical industry.

However, contrary to popular belief our CAT Scan services are found to be highly beneficial for certifying new products, validating must run parts, and improving part quality to reduce costs.

With our advanced Industrial (Computed Tomography) CT Scanning and X-Ray equipment, we provide verifiable measurement variations backed by industry certifications.

Our metrology lab produces high quality and accurate 2D / 3D X-Ray datasets of internal features and micro geometry variations, allowing clients to benefit from our non-biased results.

These CT Scan datasets can also be used for reverse engineering and simulations as they contain dimensionally accurate external and internal part data

Furthermore the metrology services provided are an ideal fit for first article inspection and dimensional PPAP reporting requirements.



Part to CAD Comparison – Color coded variations from nominal
Part to Part Comparison – Color coded variations between two parts
Wall Thickness Analysis – Color coded variations from nominal
(FAI) First Article Inspection Report – Tolerancing based upon part print dimensions
Enhanced First Article Inspection – (Geometric dimensioning & tolerancing) GD&T with
  • AS9102 First Article Inspection Form 3 Reporting
Reverse Engineering Services – Generation of a STL file
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