Our high precision industrial radiography services provide quick and accurate insight to validate internal features.

Jesse Garant Metrology Center is a specialized service company providing lab based industrial radiography inspection of parts and assemblies. As no one single radiographic system can effectively scan and inspect every part in industry, we utilize systems of various sizes and energies. This allows us to match every inspection project with the proper radiography system, so we can obtain the highest quality of data at a economical price. Although we are a lab based industrial radiographic corporation, our process and facilities are setup to handle low volume projects all the way up to production part projects for over 100,000 parts. For higher volumes of radiography inspection our services are ideal to reintroduce “good” parts back into production for; isolated batches, quarantined lots, recall applications, and warranty issues. Our innovative bar code logging process is traceable and allows for easy image correlation for multiple part inspection.

Our Industrial Radiography Service Advantage

  • Dedication to handle small inspection projects
  • *24/7 operation for time sensitive rush projects
  • Large radiography chambers to handle a variety of parts
  • *Bar coding to archive images and provide traceability
  • *Saved digital radiographic images for reference and future review
  • *Double validation for stringent inspection projects
  • *Facilities and capabilities to handle large go/no go inspection projects over 100,000 parts
  • Largest and most diverse digital radiography service company in North America
  • Experienced technicians who develop a customized inspection process for each project

*Denotes chargeable upgrades at the client’s request

Industrial Radiography System Capabilities

Micro Focus Analysis services at Jesse Garant Metrology Center

Micro Focus Radiography

As the largest industrial radiography service provider in North America, we have diverse micro focus radiography systems ranging in energy from 80keV to 450keV. This allow us to pair the proper radiography system with each and every project for the highest quality data.

High Energy Radiography

High energy radiographic capabilities allow us to scan larger parts that micro focus radiography systems cannot. With a 3 MEV linear accelerator source, our systems generate clear internal inspection data for larger parts.

Computed Tomography

Our company was initially founded as an industrial CT scanning service provider. Current energy ranges for tomography are from 80keV to 3MeV. Diverse CT scanning capabilities means we can handle the majority of internal inspection needs.


After scan data is acquired, all radiographic images are reviewed by highly knowledgeable and experienced staff. We are able to ensure client objectives are met each and every time by managing the entire inspection process, including any required data formats.

Types of Radiographic Analyses Available:

2D Radiographic Inspection:

With the newest radiography equipment available, performing accurate, high-resolution industrial radiography is simple and straightforward at Jesse Garant Metrology Center. This type of radiography is typically used for imaging of internal failures, fit and function, porosity, etc.

P-201 Analysis after CT scanning at Jesse Garant Metrology Center

Cross sectional Radiographic Inspection:

This inspection type is performed by taking a single CT scan slice at a predetermined location. The data provides an unobstructed view of internal components precisely at the location of the slice. This analysis requires a CT scan to be performed.

Oblique Radiographic Inspection:

2D radiographic images are taken at different angles or viewing planes. Our versatile machines can handle a wide range of angles and orientations, depending on project requirements.

Real-time Radiographic Inspection:

A feature of industrial radiography technology is the ability to capture motion within an assembly during an active cycle. Data for this process is captured in video format for real-time or slow motion playback.

How are the results reported back to me?
After x-rays are taken, results for the end client are relayed in one of three ways. For detailed x-ray projects with reporting requirements, x-ray images are provided to the customer with correlating data to the part number and angle taken. For real-time x-ray projects, a video is obtained correlating data to the part number and angle taken. For high volume x-ray projects, we provide go/no go inspection services where we approve “good” parts for release back into production and quarantine “bad” parts according to a specific inspection process we develop with the customer.
There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to pricing . A qualified project manager will develop a feasibility study, so that the price you are given remains competitive while still achieving the highest quality data possible.

Speak to an project manager today, to get a free quote or to answer any questions you may have before requesting a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you sell radiography systems?
No. We are strictly a part inspection service company.

How do you achieve high quality results?
As no one single radiography system can effectively scan and inspect every part in industry, we utilize a number of systems of various sizes and energies. In the event we are unable to meet your projects objective with one of our many stand-alone systems, we have the knowledge and capabilities to customize all of our radiography systems to further enhance our service offering.

Do you provide on-site radiography services?

Do you provide film based inspection?

What is the resolution of the radiographic images?
The scan resolution varies widely from the machine being used, resolution of the detector, spot size of the source, and size of scanning window. However, as a range, scan resolutions vary from 1 micron to .32mm. During the quoting phase, scan resolution can be provided to the customer prior to scanning.

Does the part heat up?

Does the scan leave residual radiation in the part?

Can you scan a part while it’s in motion?
Yes. Please see our information on our real-time radiography listed above

Can you scan a part hot or cold?
Yes. Custom scanning processes and fixtures can be developed between the customer and our analysts to obtain a desired environmental temperature.

In what file format are the initial results captured?
RAW. After initial image acquisition imaging file formats can be exported such as JPEG, GIF, TIF, and MOV.

How large are the radiographic image files?
Radiographic images typically range from 1MB to 20MB in size

Have A Specific Project In Mind?
In order to expedite the request for quote process, our experienced staff is ready to work with you to ensure all details are addressed and your project is accurately quoted.
Still Have Questions?
We understand you may have questions, even before requesting a quote. Our business development team will provide the answers you need, even before a project begins.

NDT & Metrology Applications

Jesse Garant Metrology Center has performed tens of thousands of scans for companies in varied industries who manufacture parts varying in size and produced from different materials.

Contact one of our project managers for more details relating to your specific needs.


Part Inspection Life-cycle Management™

Our extensive knowledge and experience has allowed us to develop a robust inspection process that supports a part manufacturer’s need to quickly make qualified decisions at key stages throughout a part’s life-cycle. To learn more about our solutions, contact our business development team.

Pre-production part inspection services
Production part inspection services
Part failure investigation services
Part Sorting & Lot inspection services
Reverse engineering services for industrial parts

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