Our high precision digital radiography and x-ray services provide definitive results in an easy to interpret format.

Jesse Garant Metrology Center is the leading digital radiography and x-ray inspection company in North America for parts or assemblies.  We “do not” provide onsite or film based x-ray services.  Our state of the art digital radiography services are performed in a controlled lab based setting which allows us to accurately record high quality images quicker and more cost effective than traditional methods.  Although we are a lab based company, our process and facilities are setup to handle single part projects all the way up to production part projects for tens of thousands of parts.

Our robust bar code logging process is traceable and highly repeatable allowing for 100% data accountability for multiple piece inspection projects.  As not one x-ray system is able to effectively image out every type of part in industry, our lab utilizes multiple systems of various sizes and energies.  In the event we are unable to meet your projects objective with one of our many stand-alone x-ray systems, we have the capabilities to customize all of our systems to further enhance our service offering.  This unique capability has become our competitive advantage, allowing our results to always be the very best available.

The types of analysis available with our X-Ray Inspection Services include:

2D X-Ray Inspection: with the latest in Radiography equipment available today, performing high resolution and accurate digital x-rays is a very simple function with the equipment at Jesse Garant Metrology Center.  This type of x-ray is typically used to image out internal failures, fit and function, porosity, etc.

Cross sectional X-Ray Inspection: this process is performed by taking a single CT scan slice at a predetermined location.  The results allow for an unobstructed view of internal components precisely where the section slice was taken.

Oblique X-Ray Inspection: this process is performed by taking 2D x-ray images at various angles or viewing planes.  Due to the versatility of our equipment the number of slices is virtually limitless and is 100% project dependent.

Real-time X-Ray Inspection: as we only use digital x-ray equipment, one aspect of this technology is the ability to capture motion inside an assembly during a cycle or activation.  Results for this process are captured in a video format for either real-time or slow motion playback.



Jesse Garant Metrology Center Advantage
  • 80kev, 100kev, 130kev, 160kev, 225kev, 420kev, 450kev, 3MEV X-ray sources of varying spot sizes
  • Large vault chambers with versatile part manipulation
  • Unmatched data quality & resolution
  • Trained operators skilled in part inspection
  • LDA, Digital Flat Panel, and CCD detectors of varying pixel pitches
  • Barcode recording for a traceable & repeatable process
  • Secure facility & warehousing
  • Multiple systems for handling volume


  • What is an digital x-ray?
    A digital x-Ray is performed by energizing photons through a source and capturing the results on a flat panel or line detector array after they pass through an object.  Higher density objects are shown lighter and while lower density objects are shown darker. When taking an x-ray there are 3 main factors; the x-ray source, the distance the object is from the source to the detector, and the detector.

    X-ray sources come in a variety of energy settings with different spot sizes. Voltage is the speed at which the photons are accelerated towards anobject. When taking an x-ray, you must keep power setting consistent. Selecting a setting too high will results in the photons passing too fast through an object and selecting a setting to low will result in the photons being absorbed by an object. Both resulting in improperly recorded data.

    Objects with mixed materials and irregular shapes add to the complication as they are harder to interpret. Spot size determines the ability to detect small features and increases image sharpness. For finer detail a smaller, spot size is preferred.

    The placement of the part determines the resolution of the part. Placement closer to the source will magnify the part across multiple pixels, and placement closer to the detector will capture more of the part but reduces the number of pixels capturing the part.

    Digital X-Ray resolution is derived by the pixel pitch on the digital detector.  Magnification can also be used to increase the recorded resolution of an x-ray.  An easy analogy of both pixel pitch and magnification are shown in the picture to the right.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How are parts setup?
    All parts are setup using fixtures to ensure they are square to predetermined features and the process
    remains repeatable

    Can the part rotate while real-time x-rays are being captured?
    Yes. Parts can be rotated about a single axis while real-time x-rays are being taken and the parts are being activated

    How fast can the x-rays be taken?
    X-rays can be taken as fast as 30 frames per second.

  • Capabilities

    How are parts setup?
    All parts are setup using fixtures to ensure they are square to predetermined features and the process
    remains repeatable

    What energies are available?
    Energies ranging from 10kEv to 3.5MEv

    What are our size limitations?
    With our capabilities we can x-ray most parts ranging from micro parts as small as .5mm in length to parts
    as large as 660mm in diameter x 1m in length.

    How many parts can we inspect?
    We are pleased to work with clients who require x-ray inspection services that only have one part all the way up to clients who require several thousand parts needing x-ray inspection and sorting services.

  • Pricing

    Every projects objective is highly unique and requires a specific scan resolution matched with the desired type of analysis.  Because we attempt to pair the proper x-ray system with every project to ensure the most cost effective solution and best results possible, each project is quoted separately.
    To obtain a free quote, please contact us today!