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Introducing good parts back into production


In an ideal world, parts would come off the production line defect free and ready for shipment. But the truth is, that kind of utopia in the part manufacturing world does not exist, and part failures can occur for any number of reasons. Though there may be uncertainty regarding the cause of part failures, identifying which parts are failing shouldn’t be uncertain. Faced with this fork in the road, manufacturers need a testing method that identifies the part failures with 100% certainty and quickly remove the bad ones from the lot and reintroduce the good parts back into production.

While there are different types of nondestructive testing methods out there, sub-surface imaging methods like radiographic testing offer significant advantages for identifying the good parts when a large amount of parts have been quarantined or recalled. Radiographic testing takes far less time than traditional testing, preserves the original condition of inspected parts, and has the added advantage of revealing internal defects that other inspection methods may miss.

Image: Quality Engineers at Jesse Garant Metrology Center performing part sorting inspection services using industrial x-ray. (Source:

Often the manufacturer may not know what is causing the part to fail, even after extensive testing within their facilities. They also may not have the time nor necessary equipment and personnel to conduct the required testing. In these circumstances, manufacturers can turn to third party inspection services to sort and inspect their parts. This can be an effective option for manufacturers looking for ways to reintroduce parts within a lot and expedite good parts back into production quickly.

As part of quality management, x-ray part sorting has the ability to isolate defective parts before they reach the consumer. This not only reduces the costs associated with waste by salvaging good parts, but avoids the negative impact of faulty products on a company’s reputation. Ultimately, effective part sorting resolves the uncertainty with faulty parts in a lot, giving manufacturers the confidence to move the project forward.

Jesse Garant Metrology Center for Part Sorting & Lot Inspection

Jesse Garant Metrology Center offers high volume part inspection and sorting services that can help manufacturers quickly identify good parts from bad. Prior to any project, we conduct a feasibility study to ensure that inspection requirements are met with a cost-effective solution. We work with the customer to develop a customized, repeatable, and traceable process for go/no go conditions, expediting and optimizing identification between acceptable and suspect parts. With trained and experienced analysts, we can identify and quarantine non-conforming parts in both small or large lots. When visual or in-house testing provides results that are inconclusive, our inspection labs provide the unbiased data manufacturers need using advanced radiographic digital imaging.

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