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CT scanning Steel and Titanium for Internal 3D Inspection

Internal inspection of metals for the purpose of locating porosity would generally require destructive testing. However, with the advancements in technology today, CT scanning (NDT method) is an digital x-ray technology that can detect internal features and flaws without destroying or applying pressure to the part in 3D point of view. Volume Graphics software allows you to inspect and locate complex areas inside a component, and find the point of origin of a failure, without needing to disassemble the components.

At JG&A Metrology Center, we use CT scan equipment to provide our clients with a non-destructive testing method for 3D internal part inspection services. Industrial CT scanning is an x-ray technology which allows a part to be scanned in Free State form, with thousands of x-ray images captured through 360 degrees. The images are reconstructed into a 3D model and can be used for multiple types of analysis offered at JG&A Metrology Center, including void analysis.

Void analysis can be used to find, measure and analyze voids inside plastic or metal components including steels and titanium alloys.  A measurement of each void volume is stored in a chart, and can be exported into an excel file. The CT scan viewing software allows the user to see where the largest void is (if any), and it also provides access to an overall percentage of the porosity. Furthermore, CT scanning has no reaction to highly reflective material such as basic mirrors because the x-rays are at a much higher frequency (shorter wavelength) than light.


JG&A Metrology Center

JG&A Metrology Center is the only specialized lab in North America solely focused on providing Industrial CT Scanning inspection services.  As a private company and unbiased source we always ensure we provide the customer the best results possible for the most cost effective price.  We do this by pairing your part with the proper industrial computed tomography system and customizing the configuration for every scan to ensure we obtain the results your project requires.

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