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Inspect and Measure Pressure Casting Using 3D X-ray

Inspection of pressure castings is a very time consuming and costly process. CT scanning is an ideal alternative for full metrology of components for both the external and internal geometries. Jesse Garant & Associates (www.jgarantmc.com) provides industrial CT scanning services (3D x-ray) using industry leading technology. With 3D x ray, the inside of a casting can be seen to find a defect, crack, void, hole or even porosity. A measurement of the porosity is easily determined. Metal castings are typically prone to porosity because of cooling processes, transitions between thick and thin walls and material properties. Traditionally, to determine the porosity would require destructive testing. CT scanning uses 3D x-ray (a NDT) and can determine the locations and sizes of void without damage to the part. For more information on how CT scanning can be utilized for castings and the Industrial CT scanning services provided by Jesse Garant & Associates, visit www.jgarantmc.com


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