What is Industrial Radiography?

Industrial radiography is a form of nondestructive testing of products, utilizing different techniques, on the foundation of x-ray technology. X-ray and radiography are similar in the sense that “x-ray” is a technique used to develop a “radiograph.” However, commonly these terms are mistakenly used interchangeably.

Furthermore, industrial radiography (link to new radiography page) is concerned with industrial applications only, whereas x-ray could cover a broad range, including medical applications. Industrial radiography uses ionizing electromagnetic radiation in order to observe, evaluate and analyze the subject being tested. Industrial radiography is primarily concerned with the inspection of parts and structures nondestructively, by utilization radiation.

Equipment required for radiography

There are many different tools that are required dependent on the approach of the industrial radiography and x-ray radiography process. Some common tools for conducting industrial radiography and x-ray testing include:

X-ray or Gamma-ray source –  whether it is an x-ray generator or gamma ray source via radioactive materials, a source is the most necessary aspect of industrial radiography. Depending on the project requirements, an industrial radiography or x-ray testing approach can be utilized. If the part is relatively large, requires high amount of radiation exposure in order to penetrate through the material, gamma-ray sources would be more applicable. With smaller part components ranging from plastics to metals, x-ray sources would be applied with techniques such as computed tomography (CT).

Recording medium – on the opposite side of the test subject needs to be a recording medium in order to capture the radiation and develop results for further analysis. Whether a film sheet is required or a digital detector panel, the images retrieved can be used to detect defects and failures. Although fil radiography is not obsolete for industrial applications, it is steadily being replaced by computed tomography (CT) and digital radiography (DR).

Processing Equipment – If the technique of analyzing part is film radiography, processing equipment such as chemicals are necessary to develop the image. For digital radiography or computed tomography, processing equipment such as computers and specialized software is necessary to develop, restructure and analyze the resulting image.


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