Wall Thickness Analysis

After a part is CT scanned, a boundary is created around all internal and external part features. The distance between every surface is calculated and identified as the minimum wall thickness. The results are supplied in a color coded model showing variations from a pre-specified wall thickness.

In addition to the 3D color coded model, 2D cross sectional whisker plots are also included with the results to show wall thickness deviations in cross sectional slices.


  • Results can identify slight variations in a parts wall thickness, which can become costly to the manufacture in high volume part runs
  • Results can identify thin walls not meeting the engineered wall thickness sizes for either structural or pressure requirements.

Viewing software included with your part analysis

Upon completing the analysis, a web conference is hosted by one of our experienced analysts to review the results. During that same web conference, we’ll show you how to use the supplied freeware viewing software.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Can the color scale be changed?
    Yes. Differences from the predetermined wall thickness can be sorted by a range and each range can be assigned its own unique color

    What is the minimum detectable wall thickness?
    The minimum detectable wall thickness is equal to the accuracy of the scan.