The Wall Thickness Analysis add-on module of VGStudio MAX allows you to examine objects for areas in which the wall thickness is within a user-defined interval between a minimum and maximum permissible wall thickness. Connected areas are combined into one component for which position, minimum/maximum wall thickness and volume are specified.

The resulting components are color-coded in the 2D and 3D views of the data set. Images and analysis results can be combined to create a user-defined report. By using the Coordinate Measuring add-on module, this information can also be specified with the highest possible precision in any calibrated coordinate system.

The ROI restricts the search for different wall thicknesses to specific areas of an object. The Wall Thickness Analysis add-on module can also be used to analyse gap width.


  • automatic and quick analysis of wall thicknesses
  • color-coded visualization of wall thicknesses
  • analysis of the entire object or of user-defined areas (Regions of Interest)
  • direct processing of volume data – no conversion into point clouds or STL data required
  • no CAD model required