Jesse Garant Metrology Center is an authorized re-seller of Volume Graphics software in the United States and Canada

The Volume Graphics product portfolio, which includes the software packages VGStudio, VGStudio MAX, and myVGL, offers sophisticated tools for simple, efficient and highly accurate analysis and visualization of CT data.

Volume Graphics Studio Max

VG Studio MAX 3.0 is the high-end software the analysis and visualization of industrial computed tomography (CT) data, which you can adjust to fit your needs with the help of our many add-on modules or our industry specific module bundles. Leading industrial companies around the world use VGStudio MAX to easily run comprehensive, non-destructive tests in the areas of research, production, and quality assurance.


Analysis Modules Include:

  • Coordinate Measurement

  • Nominal/Actual Comparison

  • Wall Thickness Analysis

  • Porosity/Inclusion Analysis

  • Enhanced Porosity/Inclusion Analysis

  • Fiber Composite Material Analysis

  • Transport Phenomena

  • Foam Structure Analysis

  • CAD Import (with PMI)

  • CT Reconstruction

VG Studio

VGStudio is the high-tech solution for the visualization of voxel data. VGStudio is the affordable software solution that provides many visualization options that allows for a detailed insight into your CT data and includes the possibility to create impressive animations. Combined together with the optionally available CT Reconstruction add-on module, VGStudio is a reconstruction and visualization solution which is hard to beat in terms of both technology and price.

VGStudio is based on the same visualization technology as VGStudio MAX and provides the same slice images along all three axes as well as a 3D image. Grey values can be classified and data can be colored depending on their grey value, creating new insights into the reconstructed volume. Clipping objects are provided to ‘cut’ the 3D model in any desired direction. Some basic measurement features are available for quickly quantifying distances, angles etc.

CT Reconstruction to Analysis Modules Include:

  • CT reconstruction


For information visit our myVGL webpage.




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Jesse Garant Metrology Center is an authorized re-seller of Volume Graphic products. In addition to sales, we also offer training support for our clients who either wish to use our services or purchase the software as a standalone. 

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