Real time x-ray overview

Real time x-ray is referred to as the inspection of a test subject using x-ray technology, while the subject is in motion. Since this concept is relatively new in the industry, users often outsource such real time x-ray projects to specialized NDT labs.

What is real time x-ray?

Real time x-ray is referred to as the concept of conducting x-ray testing on a test subject while it is in motion, in use or functioning. Real time x-ray has the ability to access internal and external data of structural composition of a test subject.

This testing process is commonly performed at offline inspection labs. Real time x-ray provides users with invaluable insight on part functionality, internal failures and part reliability.

How does real time x-ray work?

In order to perform real time x-ray inspection, there are three key factors required:

  • X-ray source
  • Detector Panel (digitized detector/computerized detector)
  • Software

The x-ray source penetrates through a part while the remaining radiation is captured by the detector panel. The detector panel captures several hundred to several thousand 2D X-ray images, while the part is functioning, in motion or in use (for a part that does not require any external support for in-use capability). The resulting images are converted into a video format using a specialized software. The video format reveals the internal and external features of the test subject, while it is in motion. All internal structures, fit and function, defects, discrepancies can be identified and located. The video can be further utilized by inspecting stills or conducting failure analysis.

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Uses of real time x-ray

There are several uses for this indispensable technology that allows users the ability to identify internal part features, including but not limited to:

  • Failure investigation
  • Research & Development
  • Design feasibility study
  • Qualification of part during pre-production
  • Reliability assessment
  • Process & quality control
  • Comparison analysis – perfect vs. defective parts – functioning failures

Applications of real time x-ray

Application for real time x-ray exists for all industries manufacturing parts which can be inspected while in motion without external support. These industries include:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Medical Device
  • Packaging
  • Consumer Products
  • Military and defense

Benefits of real time x-ray

Aside from being an easy way to inspect parts accurately, real time x-ray provides users with numerous benefits, including:

  • Non-destructive testing method – the part being inspected is available for use after testing
  • Part analysis for internal components
  • See effect on part in motion with an easy to view video
  • Identify cause of effect or failures
  • Highlight internal discrepancies
  • Confirm part use – comparison analysis
  • See internal interaction of components



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