The Porosity/Inclusion Analysis add-on module provides a range of algorithms allowing porosity/inclusions to be located within the object and provides detailed information about these defects. Pres or inclusions are color-coded in all 2D and 3D views of the data set. Detailed information about each individual defect such as its volume, projected size and position are provided in a table.

By using the Coordinate Measuring add-on module, this information can also be specified with the highest possible precision in any calibrated coordinate system. Statistical data about the overall object such as its porosity (in percent) or the sum of all defect surfaces complete this information.

A porosity/inclusion analysis can be performed on an entire scanned object. Using the ROI concept, it is also possible to restrict such an analysis to relevant areas or to perform porosity/inclusion analyses using different parametes in different areas of an object.

The results of a porosity/inclusion analysis can be compiled to create an inspection report, optionally including automatically generated or individually selected images.


  • automatic and fast detection, analysis and visualization of pores or inclusions in the material
  • volume, position, size and surface area are determined for every individual pore/inclusion
  • color-coding of pores or inclusions according to volume
  • defect size statistics, total percentage of porosity and pore volume histogram
  • analysis of the entire object or Regions of Interest
  • user-defined reporting of analysis results