High volume part inspection and sorting services are invaluable when good parts need to be re-introduced back into production with 100% certainty.

Jesse Garant Metrology Center is the company manufactures turn to when visual or in house part testing provides inconclusive results.  Our advanced imaging capabilities, paired with our highly trained analysts, allow us to identify with confidence non-conforming parts in both small or large lots of parts.  This is further supported by our ability to non-destructively capture accurate internal or external data with the highest level of precision.  Before taking on any project, a feasibility study is performed to ensure we can meet the inspection requirement for the customer and that the project is cost effective for both parties.  If circumstances require, we also have the capabilities to develop a customized process for each lot of parts to further enhance our ability to designate between “good” and “bad” parts.

Part Inspection Services

3D Internal

Industrial CT Scanning

Internal part inspection and validation in 3D without destructive testing.


2D Internal


Quick 2D internal part inspection in an easy to interpret digital format.


3D External


High accuracy and high resolution 3D external part inspection.