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CT inspection has less restrictions than other methods, making it the ideal imaging method for a great range of organic materials

Internal inspection of organic materials can prove challenging for traditional inspection methods, especially for testing of unique or fragile samples. But computed tomography (CT), a three-dimensional x-ray inspection method, reveals complex internal features in great detail without destroying or disturbing samples.

As a specialized nondestructive testing lab, Jesse Garant Metrology Center obtains precise data from a variety of organic materials for research, commercial, and industrial applications. Our customized industrial CT systems can easily handle testing of a great range of sizes, shapes, and densities. We ensure that organic materials are carefully scanned in a controlled environment, preserving their original condition for dependable results.

Our NDT lab has the greatest diversity of industrial CT systems in North America, including an exclusive high-energy computed tomography system for inspection of larger samples up to 44.5” in diameter by 63” inches in height. We also offer radiographic testing and 3D scanning services for even more imaging options. Our inspection process is repeatable, traceable, and customized to meet client needs, providing accurate and unbiased data.

Advanced Nondestructive Testing of Organics

Detailed Inspection of Multi-Material Components 

We provide a number of useful analyses for testing and inspection of organic materials using computed tomography. Actual to nominal comparisons can highlight subtle structural or morphological differences between different samples. Reverse engineering with CT provides high density external and internal surface data for recreating complex structures (e.g. crystalline or lattice structures) and for digital archiving purposes. CT is also ideal for revealing material distributions and internal defects like cracks, porosities, inclusions, and contaminants.

Our advanced NDT systems tackle inspection of the wide range of organic materials, including wood, cork, stumps, natural fibers and rope, bone, soil, sediments, and biomaterials. Our lab has inspected a variety of organic samples for diverse applications, including:

  • Dimensional measurements of wood products (e.g. musical instruments, antiques)
  • Density mapping of tree stumps and logs for research and commercial lumber applications
  • Soil and core sample inspection for civil engineering and petroleum industries
  • Dinosaur fossils and organic artifacts for museum applications
  • Post mortem internal inspection of non-living human and animal specimens, including precise high resolution imaging at the interface of organs and implanted medical devices

Our Part Inspection Services

Industrial CT Scanning Services – NDT Inspection Lab

3D Internal

Industrial CT Scanning

Internal part inspection and validation in 3D without destructive testing.


Industrial X-Ray & Radiography Services – NDT Inspection Lab

2D Internal

Industrial X-Ray

Quick 2D internal part inspection in an easy to interpret digital format.