With every inspection performed by Jesse Garant Metrology Center, a free viewing software called “myVGL” is included with the results. The viewing software allows the customer to alter the viewing plane and rerun the analysis performed by our staff on his or her own computer.


Minimum PC Requirementsvg-pc


Additional Information:
Analyses results created using VGStudio MAX cannot be repeated or altered using myVGL, but can be viewed and examined in detail. The myVGL import assistant provides further options for an intelligent reduction of the data set size to allow even very large data sets to be visualized on computers with limited resources.

Free Software Training
Clients are trained by our experienced analysts on how to use the software and how the analysis was performed. Training includes how to rotate the part, cut cross sectional slices in the data, vary the density scale, and rerun the analysis while viewing the part.
Volume Graphics Authorized Re-seller
Jesse Garant Metrology Center owns a number fully licensed suites of Volume Graphics software and has the legal rights to distribute copies of the myVGL freeware software to our customers. To learn more about Volume Graphics software, please click here