Safety & Certification for Industrial Radiography

Since industrial radiography and x-ray testing expose high doses of radiation, certain standards and requirements are put into place in regard to the safe use and application of such a technology. Individuals who are looking to use radiography equipment for industrial applications must have a permit, license and training. In order to use industrial radiography or x-ray testing equipment, one must ensure all areas are free of people, who could possibly be adversely affected by the radiation exposure. Commonly, such tests and inspections are conducted after hours, to remove any risk of radiation exposure. Furthermore, different pieces of safety equipment must be utilized to ensure safety:

  • Radiation survey meter: measures speed at which radiation is picked up
  • Alarming dosimeter: alarms when radiographer is exposed to too much radiation
  • Gas charged dosimeter: total radiation received, which can also be reset
  • Thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD): measures radiographers total exposure over time


Industrial Radiography & X-ray testing certification

Governed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), certain standards have been put into place in order to operate radiographic testing equipment. Certain safety courses have to be taken, with a completion of a number of on the job training hours and a complete written exam. A form of certification authorized by ASNT classifies three different levels of certification to be qualified for the operation of such equipment:

Level 1 – Individuals certified with level 1 are restricted to perform only certain calibrations or tests under supervisions by a higher level individual. They are able to report results, and are expected to follow instructions regarding procedure.

Level 2 – Individuals certified with level 2 are open to set up and calibrate inspection equipment, perform inspection according to standards and codes. These individuals are able to provide instruction to level 1 technicians, as well as report, interpret and evaluate results. Have knowledge of standards and codes.

Level 3 – Individuals certified with level 3 are specialized, experienced and qualified engineers or technicians. These technicians are able to direct NDT labs, and have extensive knowledge about testing, service and manufacturing processes as well as codes and standards.


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