Glass – CT – XRAY – NDT Services

As a specialized nondestructive testing lab, we obtain precise and accurate internal inspection data for glass parts by using industrial computed tomography and x-ray equipment

Unlike other testing methods, industrial CT can inspect clear or refractory materials like glass with ease since the technology is x-ray based. This makes it the optimal inspection method for glass, able to verify internal dimensions and reveal any interior defects.

Wall Thickness Analysis services by Jesse Garant Metrology Center

Glass is a widely used structural and accent material for many parts across multiple industries, from aerospace and automotive to medical devices and consumer goods. But due to its transparent quality, glass can be challenging to inspect properly, especially with evaluating internal features. Glass materials can also be prone to accumulating cracks, bubbles, foreign materials, and other defects that can lead to failures or shortening of lifespan.

Our NDT lab has the greatest diversity of industrial computed tomography systems in North America, including an exclusive high-energy CT system for inspection of larger parts and assemblies up to 44.5” in diameter by 63” inches in height. We also offer radiographic testing services for large volume part sorting applications. Our inspection process is repeatable, traceable, and customized for client needs, providing accurate and unbiased data.

Glass Inspection with Advanced NDT

Internal Inspection of Glass Materials 

Our industrial CT services tackle inspection of the wide range of glass parts and materials, including silicate glass, glass ceramics, and mineral and polymer glass products. We provide detailed inspection data for failure investigation identifying inconsistent wall thicknesses and areas prone to weakness or stress. We also conduct pre-production and production inspection to validate dimensions for FAI, perform lot inspection of quarantined or recalled parts, and provide reverse engineering and actual/nominal comparisons of glass parts.

We’ve inspected a variety of glass parts and components, including:

  • Glass fiber composites in wind turbines for energy industries
  • Dimensional optics applications for both reflective and directional requirements
  • Optical lenses for defense, aerospace, and research applications
  • Fiber optic cables and display technology for electronics
  • Glass containers and vessels in consumer goods and packaging
  • Multi-material assemblies with glass in medical devices, including checking overmolded applications for fit requirements

Our Part Inspection Services

Industrial CT Scanning Services – NDT Inspection Lab

3D Internal

Industrial CT Scanning

Internal part inspection and validation in 3D without destructive testing.


Industrial X-Ray & Radiography Services – NDT Inspection Lab

2D Internal

Industrial X-Ray

Quick 2D internal part inspection in an easy to interpret digital format.