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The versatility of industrial computed tomography lends itself as a useful tool for a variety of geological applications, including inspection of core samples and naturally occurring minerals

As a specialized nondestructive testing lab, we provide precise inspection data for supporting a variety of research, mining, and engineering objectives. Our NDT systems are non-contact and nondestructive, revealing internal and external features and different material densities while preserving the original condition of samples.

We are equipped with the greatest diversity of industrial computed tomography systems in North America, including an exclusive high-energy CT system for inspection of larger samples up to 44.5” in diameter by 63” inches in height. We also have a full suite of x-ray testing and 3D scanning capabilities for even more imaging options. Our inspection process is repeatable, traceable, and customized to meet client needs, providing accurate and unbiased data for the full range of geological applications.

Advanced Nondestructive Testing for Geology

Core Sample Inspection 

Industrial computed tomography is a useful tool for core sample testing of natural substances like sediments and rocks as well as manmade materials like ceramics, concrete, and softer metals and alloys. Our industrial CT services identify the internal composition of core samples, able to characterize internal features, cracks, porosities, and material densities without disturbing or altering samples. We provide critical core sample data for a variety of applications, including ore evaluations for mining and petroleum industries and inspecting soil samples for civil engineering purposes.

Mineral Inspection 

Industrial CT and x-ray testing can provide a detailed look into the complex internal structures of naturally occurring minerals, revealing features like internal composition, porosity, and flaws. Our independent NDT lab yields valuable insight for materials evaluation of a wide range of minerals, including clays, refractory substances, metal ores, silicates, and mixed materials samples.

Cut Gems and Precious Stones 

CT technology offers advantages over conventional methods like optical inspection for dimensional and geometric analyses of cut gemstones like diamonds and sapphires. As an x-ray based technology, CT can handle inspection of clear or reflective materials and does not require the use of touch probes, reducing the risk of damage. Using CT, our lab provides clients with high density dimensional data of cut gems along with internal inspection for evaluating the inner integrity of precious stones.

A Trusted Supplier for NDT & Metrology Based Part Inspection Services

With investments in the latest technology and experienced staff, Jesse Garant Metrology Center is ready to meet the needs of geological inspection. Our industrial CT scanning, industrial radiography, and 3D scanning services provide the results manufacturers seek to fulfill strict inspection requirements. We utilize advanced imaging systems and expert analytics to provide rapid, cost-effective nondestructive testing and metrology services for a variety of applications.

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