Forensics – CT – XRAY – NDT Services

Accurate, non-intrusive inspection is integral for root cause evaluation when conducting recall investigations, court cases, and failure analysis for damage claims

As a specialized NDT lab, we provide highly detailed inspection data for sensitive forensic applications, helping manufacturers and individuals ensure all claims are accurate and verifiable. Our precise industrial CT and x-ray testing systems are non-contact and nondestructive, revealing intricate internal features while preserving original conditions and without requiring permanent or obtrusive fixtures.

We are equipped with the greatest diversity of industrial computed tomography systems in North America, including an exclusive high-energy CT system for inspection of larger parts and assemblies up to 44.5” in diameter by 63” inches in height. We also have a full suite of industrial x-ray and 3D scanning capabilities for more options. Our inspection process is traceable, repeatable, and customized to meet client needs, delivering accurate and unbiased data for a range of forensic investigations.

Advanced NDT for Forensic Applications

Inspecting Failures Nondestructively 

Industrial computed tomography is the ideal nondestructive tool for conducting failure analysis, rendering a highly detailed 3D model of internal features. Our industrial CT systems identify and characterize virtually all types of external and internal defects, including cracks, inclusions, porosities, inconsistent wall thicknesses, and other faulty features. For example, CT can assess the fit and function of seat belt and airbag components during a failure or recall investigation. CT also provides critical data for consumer products that have been damaged by fire due to electrical shorts or other defects.

Design Deviations 

Deviations from original designs could mean severe consequences for end users. Inspection with industrial CT serves as a useful proactive measure for ensuring that parts are manufactured correctly during pre-production and production stages. Our precise NDT services highlight deviations or inconsistencies with initial CAD designs and assembly misalignments that can lead to flaws or weaknesses later on, saving manufacturers time and costs in the long run.

Patent Infringements and Counterfeit Products 

In legal cases involving patented parts, components, or products, industrial CT provides precise dimensional data for investigations involving patent infringements and counterfeit products. Our CT services can scan distinct parts and run comparison analyses that can evaluate parts with respect to each other (Part to Part) or with a CAD model (Part to CAD). In this way, manufacturers receive critical insights on similarities and differences between authentic products and imitations or reproductions.

A Trusted Supplier for NDT & Metrology Based Part Inspection Services

With investments in the latest technology and experienced staff, Jesse Garant Metrology Center is ready to meet the needs of forensic investigation. Our industrial CT scanning, radiographic testing, and 3D scanning services provide the results manufacturers seek to fulfill strict inspection requirements. We utilize advanced imaging systems and expert analytics to provide rapid, cost-effective nondestructive testing and metrology services for a variety of applications.

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