First Article Inspection

Before a part is scanned, a measurement program is developed around a supplied CAD model from a GD&T part print. The measurement plan developed can be for all of the GD&T part print points or predetermined points selected by the client.

Once a part has been scanned, a Part to CAD comparison is first performed and aligned by the part print datums. The developed measurement plan is then executed. Results for every programmed GD&T point are provided in an easy to read chart or in excel format. The first article inspection results show the listed dimension, tolerance, deviation from actual, and value out of tolerance. Within the program, the customer is also able to go to any dimensioned feature and see how the dimension was taken.


  • Perfect fit for PPAP or AS9102 form 3 reporting requirements
  • Once a measurement plan has been developed and the part has been scanned, tens, hundreds, or thousands of part print points can be dimensioned instantly.
  • Complex GD&T callouts such as profile, run out, MMC, LMC, and concentricity can easily be computed
  • Complex parts no longer have to be cut up to perform full part print layouts
  • Multiple parts can be dimensionally validated faster than traditional inspection methods for a first article PPAP part run

Viewing software included with your part analysis

Upon completing the analysis, a web conference is hosted by one of our experienced analysts to review the results. During that same web conference, we’ll show you how to use the supplied freeware viewing software.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What if a CAD file is not available?
    When a CAD file is not available, the steps in the process change. A part is first CT scanned and our expert analysts develop an executable measurement program based upon part print datums and GD&T points.

    How many GD&T points can be programmed?
    To date our expert analysis have programmed executable first article measurement plans in excess of 1500 part print points for a single part.

    Can internal threads, external threads, and splines be measured?
    Yes. Complex internal and external part dimensions can be easily inspected. These include call outs such as: pitch, run out, tooth to tooth comparison, etc.

    What is the smallest feature that can accurately be measured?
    The smallest feature that can accurately be measured is two times the resolution of the scan