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We understand the importance of accurate testing for critical parts in oil and gas, nuclear, and alternative energy, where precise measurements and tight tolerances are needed

Jesse Garant Metrology Center is the experienced NDT lab energy industries trust to ensure their parts exceed quality standards. Our part inspection services accommodate diverse inspection requirements with advanced imaging, including nondestructive testing of complex multi-part components made from advanced materials.

We’re equipped with the greatest diversity of industrial CT systems in North America, including an exclusive high-energy computed tomography system for rapid inspection of larger parts and assemblies up to 44.5” in diameter by 63” inches in height. We also offer a full suite of radiographic testing and 3D scanning capabilities.

We deliver unbiased data at all stages of manufacturing with an inspection process that is repeatable, traceable, and customized to client needs. Our versatile NDT systems accommodate a wide range of materials, including high strength alloys, carbon and glass fiber composites, and rare earth materials. We’ve inspected a variety of parts for energy companies, including turbine blades, high-performance batteries, photovoltaics, lightweight wind turbine components, and more recently, additively manufactured parts.

Five Ways to Improve Quality Control within the Energy Industry:

Pre-production Inspection: 

Our precise industrial CT systems generate accurate metrology to ensure quality during pre-production, validating part conformity with original dimensions. We obtain high-density data for qualifying internal part geometries and fit and function of complex assemblies for satisfying First Article Inspection (FAI) reporting requirements.

Production Inspection: 

For full validation of parts and assemblies before they reach their final destination, we provide offline production inspection with CT that’s ideal for high value and/or difficult to replace energy components. Testing conducted for every part or at specific intervals verifies dimensions, identifies defects, and validates production processes. FAI with CT is also available during this stage.

Part Sorting: 

We take the guesswork out of quarantined, warranty, or recalled parts with our advanced NDT services. Our process is traceable, repeatable, and provides definitive data for isolating suspect parts within a lot. Industrial x-ray accommodates high volume part sorting, while industrial CT may be more suitable for high value, low volume lot inspection.

Failure Investigation: 

Industrial computed tomography is the optimal nondestructive testing method for conducting detailed failure analyses. CT reveals internal part defects like twisted seals/o-rings, epoxy embedded component defects, porosities, and inclusions while preserving their original condition. Our industrial CT services save time and costs through rapid, accurate inspection for failure analysis.

Reverse Engineering: 

Industrial CT and 3D scanning are indispensable tools for benchmarking the design and prototyping of critical energy components. Our advanced imaging systems obtain highly accurate metrology data for rapid design iterations and reverse engineering of relic and one of a kind parts. Part to CAD and Part to Part Comparisons with CT and 3D scanning are also available.

A Strategic Partnership

With investments in the latest technology and experienced staff, Jesse Garant Metrology Center is ready to meet the inspection needs of energy industries. Our industrial CT scanning, radiographic testing, and 3D scanning services provide the results manufacturers seek to fulfill strict inspection requirements. We utilize advanced imaging systems and expert analytics to provide rapid, cost-effective nondestructive testing and metrology services for a variety of applications.

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