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What will the future hold for NDT inspection services?

With Industry 4.0 ushering in the widespread digitization of manufacturing, NDT laboratories are facing greater demand for advanced inspection methods and definitive results. Maintaining tight quality control in industry is essential for manufacturers to stand behind their product and avoid recalls that can ruin well-established companies.

Reactive and Proactive NDT

Non-destructive testing can be done at any stage of a product’s lifecycle. Currently, NDT for parts is mostly utilized as a reactive solution to identify part failures after they occur. For example, NDT x-ray of automotive assemblies can identify areas of improper fit and function that resulted in a faulty part.

But NDT is moving towards more proactive usage, for inspection of parts during pre-production and production. This strategy sees the assurance of quality from the very beginning in an effort to prevent failures and recalls. Manufacturers can save hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars and avoid downtime by ensuring new manufacturing processes produce parts within design specifications and that assemblies operate correctly through life-cycle testing.

A Technician at Jesse Garant Metrology performing a failure analysis using a 450kv CT system for proactive NDT inspection.

Quality Engineer at Jesse Garant Metrology performing a failure analysis using a 450kv CT system for proactive NDT inspection.

Big Data and NDT: Key Issues

Another aspect of NDT in the digital age involves the rate of image processing for NDT projects. More computing power translates to faster processing times.  As the amount of acquired data in NDT has grown significantly over the years, processing speeds have never been more important. Computers crunching large data sets in less time saves manpower. With render farms and lights out data centers, cloud computing is becoming the future of how companies handle NDT data.

With more efforts toward comprehensive digitization of industry, the world is also becoming saturated with data. Too much unnecessary data can waste time and resources. For NDT services specifically, this data overkill is more apparent with very large datasets from scans. It’s imperative for manufacturers to stop and reconsider the objectives of their inspection projects so that projects can be handled efficiently. More data doesn’t always equate with improved results to qualify parts.

Now what’s the use of data if it’s not accurate? Inaccurate data can cost a company its reputation. Hence, proper calibration of NDT machines remains crucial for maintaining quality assurance and expedient production. Accurate dimensional metrology depends on calibration artifacts that ensure NDT machines are working within specified standards. These will remain key even in the digital age.

The NDT Lab of the Future

Jesse Garant Metrology Center is ready to tackle the NDT projects of the future. As a pioneer among NDT companies in the digital age, we are committed to providing the highest quality inspection services with accurate data. Prior to any project, we conduct feasibility studies to ensure that we understand the project objectives to pair each project with the right machine.

We invest in the latest imaging technology for Industrial CT Scanning, Industrial X-Ray, and 3D Scanning, along with the infrastructure to support seamless operations. While investment in the latest machines is important, so too is investment in people. Our experienced analysts are trained to meet client demands and educate them on interpreting our data. With this data, our customers are able to make qualified decisions regarding their parts for both reactive and proactive NDT inspection.


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