NDT & Metrology

Utilizing industrial CT Scanning for Metal Injection Moldings (MIM)

Metal injection molding (MIM) is a process which combines fine metal powders (aluminium, magnesium, steel etc) with a binder agent (various thermoplastics, waxes and other materials) to create a granulated feedstock. The granulated feedstock is then used in a conventional injection molding machine. MIM is limited to relatively small parts and often consist of highly complex geometries. CT scanning is an excellent choice for part inspection for these small, micro parts. Detail on the tiny piece can be measured to examine the feature geometry. A full GD&T measurement plan can also be used for a micro part, to check for differences in the manufacturing process or to verify a design. Verifying micro components is traditionally costly, but with industrial CT scanning, inspection of a micro part or assembly is quick and easy. For more information, visit www.jgarantmc.com

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