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Types of Industrial Computed Tomography Scanners

There are two main types of industrial CT scanners, the line/fan beam systems and the cone beam systems. They are categorized based on the x-ray beam geometry. We, at Jesse Garant & Associates do not manufacture CT machines but instead utilize various CT scanning machines from various manufacturers to provide inspection services.

With line beam scanners, a thin x-ray beam is projected through one plane of the part from many different angles as the part rotates. Two dimensional cross sections are then collected as the x-ray source and detector translate across the length of the part. The 2-d images are then reconstructed using computer software to create a 3D rendering of the part geometries both externally and internally.

For cone beam systems, a part is placed on a rotary table. As the part rotates, the cone of x-rays produce about 1300 2D images, collected on the flat panel detector. The 2D images are then processed to create a 3D rendering of the external and internal geometries of the part.

Industrial x-ray inspections require a cooling system because they generate a lot of heat. The coolant can be water or made from a mixture of water and some other type of coolant such as glycol (antifreeze) which is cooled by an air-cooled heat exchanger.

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