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Silicon – Intermediary CAD Files from CT Dataset

Industrial CT scan data can be used for a variety of different analysis, including void analysis, part to CAD comparison, reverse engineering and more! Scanning silicone for reverse engineering applications, and product development is easy with computed tomography, as a CAD file can be generated from the CT data set. CAD file formats exported are recognized by many software such as CAD, FEA, Fluid Dynamics and Mold Flow software. The CAD file created by CT scanning not only shows the external components but the internal features as well. This allows for the first time rapid prototyping of the internal components without the daunting task of creating the CAD file from scratch. An analysis technique that is available is porosity detection which will show all the voids in the part and may help you develop a product with a longer lifetime or help you choose between a variety of products, if comparing multiple objects. For a list of the CAD file export options available from Jesse Garant & Associates, visit www.jgarantmc.com


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