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Plastic Fused Materials and CT Scanning Inspection

There are many types of different plastic welding available. Some types include hot gas, speed tip, extrusion, contact, hot plate, high frequency, injection, ultrasonic, friction, laser, solvent and welding rod. Specifically for the welding rod technique, the rod should contain no voids in order to achieve a quality weld. At Jesse Garant & Associates, we offer inspection services via CT scanning systems and can help you check for porosity in the welding rod, a weld in a joint or pipe. We can also do Part to CAD or Part to Part comparison to see if the welds were done properly on products such as a barrel and drum.

Upon customer request, the voids can be recorded in a chart in ascending/descending order to give the client a better way to visualize the results of the scan. Also the lights displayed on the 3D model, on the computer software can be customized by the client as well. The shareware software provided with the scans are thoroughly explained by our personnel and they will answer any questions you have about the software or your scan.

If you are interested in learning more about how Jesse Garant & Associates can service you with plastic fused materials with CT scanning equipment, please visit our website at www.jgarantmc.com.


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