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PCB Inspection Using Computed Tomography (3D x ray)

With the complexity of printed circuit boards (PCB) increasing and size decreasing, it is becoming more and more difficult to measure and examine the component internal features. Traditionally, analysis using 2D x-ray is performed on PCB components to inspect and test the internal parts for possible rework.  Industrial computed tomography (CT) scanning can check inside the PCB components in 3D for failure or a defect, widening the vision spectrum to internal components, without destroying the part or applying any pressure or fixtures. Also, industrial CT can analyse parts such as an LED, a wafer, ball grid array (BGA) inspection, etc. It can also be used for assembly verification, such as making sure all the contacts are properly soldered and that there are no short circuits. To make things easier, the client may consider etching or engraving something on the packaging for identification purposes once the item(s) is scanned.

CT scanning is a stand-alone device and is a non-contact inspection testing method, which creates a 3D rendering from over 1300 2D x-ray slices. The image slices are captured and the grayscale values correspond to the densities of different materials in the product (the scanned object can be changed to any color desired). Not only is an industrial CT scanning machine used as imaging equipment for visual purposes, but for metrology purposes as well. Also labels and GD&T measurements are available upon client request. Jesse Garant & Associates is a metrology laboratory offering services for industrial CT scanning (3D x ray), a NDT method. The results are provided to the client along with a supplied freeware software. For more information on CT scanning and how it can be used as PCB inspection systems, visit www.jgarantmc.com


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