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Optimizing our part inspection services to serve you better

As part of an ongoing effort to optimize our part inspection services and continue to be a trusted 3rd party resource for NDT and metrology-based inspection projects, several changes have been made to our procedures that aligns our focus with our customers growing requirements.

These new procedures are in-line with our internal quality control measures and ensures we will continue to provide a reliable and repeatable process for your advanced imaging inspection needs. These changes include; investing in our system capabilities to increase versatility in meeting customer requirements, streamlining multi-part projects, and realigning our pricing model based on objectives and project complexity.

To learn more about these changes or to discuss the objectives of an upcoming industrial CT scanning ,and  industrial X-Ray, project please contact;

Dylan Yazbeck – DylanY@jgarantmc.com
519-962-5300 ext 403


Covid 19 Update – At this time we are back to full capacity, improved, and ready to assist new and existing customers.

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