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Metrology and CT scanning

Traditionally, without destructive testing, full metrology evaluation has only been performed on the exterior geometry of components.  If a highly detailed component required inspection, the conventional method of inspection would be to apply fixtures to the part to create specified datum reference plane and go through a timely CMM touch probe inspection process or utilize a vision system to map exterior surfaces.  Past internal inspection methods would require taking a 2D x-ray of the component or the use of experimental destructive testing.

Industrial CT (computed tomography) scanning is a process which interlaces 2D x-ray images to produce 3D representations of components internally and externally.  Since x-rays are used, a delicate and fragile part can be scanned in a free state environment without the need for fixtures or applying any pressure. Industrial CT scanning is not only for visual purposes but metrology, research, forensics and analysis as well. Upon client request, if using void analysis for example, we can record the volumes in tables in ascending or descending order to better show the results if comparing multiple samples. Jesse Garant & Associates offers CT scanning services. For example, CT scanning can be used for metrology laboratories and services and is calibrated by the ISO/IEC 17025 and accredited dimensional calibration by sales@jgarantmc.com to achieve certified gage standards and metrology equalling excellent precision. For more information, visit www.jgarantmc.com


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