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Medical Device Testing using Industrial Computed Tomography Scanning

How do you inspect, validate, and, most importantly, accept the results with complete certainty that the fit and function of your part and multiple mating parts is accurate? How do you go about capturing hundreds of internal GD&T points on a part that can hardly be seen let alone measured with the naked eye?













As medical device testing for part designer’s extreme tolerances become more complex, it can be hard to perform medical device validation using conventional methods that may still leave you with uncertainty.

For close to a decade, Jesse Garant Metrology Center has been supporting medical device manufacturers by performing medical device inspection and validation procedures with the highest level of accuracy.

When tolerances as low as single digit microns are required, it’s imperative that the CT scanners being used are correctly calibrated. It is equally important that the expert analyzing the data is producing the best and most useful results. A successful completion of a medical device inspection and validation project is one that provides you with an accurate picture of what your part(s) look like on the inside in 3D without any destruction. Through industrial CT, two very important factors are achieved:

  1. Industrial CT scanning drastically improves quality control standards
  2. Industrial CT scanning takes out the guess work allowing you to get to production faster

Industrial 3D CT Scanning Inspection Services

Let’s say the primary focus for your medical device inspection needs is to get quick validation on fit and function. With just a single scan procedure, you now have the option to perform other required analyses. For example, once we’ve successfully met your fit and function validation requirements, we can take the original scan and write a GD&T program (First Article Inspection Services) around the data set and reference it to the part print for each GD&T callout. From there, the GD&T program is instantaneously applied to a future scan of the same part, saving time and money for programming.

With that same original scan we can also provide you with a wall thickness analysis, a void/inclusion analysis, comparison of a part with the original CAD model, or even reverse engineer a part to provide you with a CAD model.

Medical Device Testing for:

  • Multiple cavity welds
  • Complex plastic parts
  • Ceramic composite parts
  • Glass applications

Industrial CT scanning plays an integral role in medical device inspection and validation. Jesse Garant Metrology Center supports that role by ensuring every part meets your inspection requirements. Industrial CT scanning is setting a new standard in qualifying medical devices quickly and accurately while reducing inspection costs. This is achieved by using the right technology, expert analytical support, and scan data calibration to ensure accuracy. The accuracy, efficiency, and reduced turnaround times provided by Jesse Garant Metrology Center ensure that we will continue to successfully support the medical device industry as a required tool for 3D NDT inspection, as industry leaders are identifying both the value in inspection standards and the cost-effectiveness it offers.

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