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Jesse Garant Metrology Center Celebrates 10 Years in Business


Jesse Garant Metrology Center is excited to be celebrating our 10th anniversary during 2019. Founded on March 23rd, 2009, the organization has grown to be one of North America’s premier Industrial CT scanning service providers.

“Our commitment from the beginning has always been to provide easy access to CT technology through our services. Ten years ago, as a manufacturing consultant in the automotive industry, I came across the advantages of using CT, and the only way you could access its capabilities was through the purchase of a system. Knowing that a system purchase was not a feasible option for many, It compelled me to start a service company that would support the use of CT to those who could not justify a system purchase. Today, our past efforts to expand CT services to a larger market, has resulted in supporting hundreds of companies inspecting tens of thousands of parts, working alongside thousands of engineers across multiple industries.” – Jesse Garant, President

We’ve established solid partnerships with our customers who have come to trust our lab staff, processes, and accreditation’s which comply with industry standards, including AS9100 which aligns our efforts to continue to provide 100% accountability.

Industrial CT scanning services will continue to gain strides as a formidable NDT method, not only meeting current customer requirements, but also working towards the future of CT through investment in technology and customer service.

On behalf of the entire team at Jesse Garant Metrology Center, we would like to thank our customers, partners, suppliers and many we’ve met along the way for their continuous support.


Covid 19 Update – At this time we are back to full capacity, improved, and ready to assist new and existing customers.

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