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Inspect, Measure and Analyze Solder Joints with Micro CT (3D X Ray)

Industrial CT scanning (3D x-ray) with micro focus is used to examine and check small parts and solder joints. Micro focus allow for inspection of the solder in BGAs and inside other small electrical components with micron resolution. In some cases, internal void/porosity in the solder balls can be seen, when sectioning through the 3D rendering of the part in the viewing software. Measurement can also be taken to analyze a defect, failure or hole within the solder joints and connections.

At JG&A Metrology Center, we use industrial computed tomography (CT) equipment to provide our clients with a non-destructive testing method for internal part inspection. Industrial CT scanning is an x-ray technology which allows a part to be scanned in Free State form, with thousands of x-ray images captured through 360 degrees. The images are reconstructed into a 3D model and can be used for multiple types of analysis offered at JG&A Metrology Center, including void analysispart to CAD comparisonreverse engineering and more.

JG&A offers the opportunity for potential clients to get familiar with the CT process or have any questions answered during a 20-5 minute webinar. To request a webinar, visit jgarantmc.com/webinar/. After contacting our experienced staff to discuss your internal part inspection requirements, a feasibility study is conducted to pair each project with the right machine.This allows us to ensure all of the client’s needs are being met at the most cost effective solution. Once the parts have been scanned and analyzed by our experienced staff, a web conference is hosted with the customer to review the results and ensure we have met all project requirements.  Furthermore, the client is also educated on how to use the supplied freeware viewing software.

JG&A Metrology center is capable of scanning parts manufactured from one or multiple materials.  Our cone beam, line beam and planar CT systems can accommodate very small to very large complex parts, ranging from .020” in length up to 26” in diameter by 39” in length.  We are pleased to work with clients that only have one part all the way up to clients who require several thousand parts needing inspection. For more information, visit www.jgarantmc.com 


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