NDT & Metrology

Inspect and Analyze Pills and Gel Capsules with 3D X-ray

Industrial CT scanning is a useful tool to inspect and analyze pills and gel capsules

without destructive testing. This will give the manufacturer precise insight on how their products are being processed. For example, details such as porosity in pills can be shown from which the company may conclude that they must change the manufacturing process, in order to avoid pills from breaking too easily during transportation. For items such as gel capsules, details such as wall thickness can be found, and the results can help determine how the ideal mold should be or what thickness is ideal for storage and transportation. A common method of doing so includes scanning products from different manufacturing processes and analyzing wall thickness of each, determining which process produces the lowest amount of porosity or one which provides ideal wall thickness.

Jesse Garant & Associates offers CT scanning services, which is a NDT method, utilizing x-ray. For more information on the CT inspection techniques (3D x-ray) for various components, visit www.jgarantmc.com


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