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Industrial CT Scanning of Toys

To be able to extend the lifetime of a child’s favourite toy is one of the main goals for a toy designer. With industrial CT scanning inspection, you can compare the manufactured result to the CAD prototype. Industrial CT scanning is an x-ray technology which allows a part to be scanned in Free State form, with thousands of x-ray images captured through 360 degrees of rotation. The images are reconstructed into a 3D model and can be used for multiple types of analysis, such as wall thickness or assembly analysis. Industrial CT scanning allows you to view the internal and external features of the toy, applying nondestructive testing. CT scanning can also help you determine if there is a risk for internal features of the toy to snap. Jesse Garant & Associates provides industrial CT scanning services using industry leading technology and can help you achieve your goals as a toy designer or manufacturer. For further information please visit jgarantmc.com or contact us at https://jgarantmc.com/contact.


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