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Industrial CT Scanning of Long Glass Polymers – Solar Applications

Long-fiber thermoplastic (LFT)-polypropylene (PP) has long been used in the automotive industry and has recently been attractive for solar applications as well. These materials must meet the demanding criteria of solar industry standards, which includes being flame retardant, lightweight, thin, possess high stiffness and long durability. To meet these requirements, industrial CT scanning can be a useful tool in support of LFT making the transition from automotive to solar. By utilizing the services at Jesse Garant & Associates, you can inspect and measure composite material such as long and short glass and carbon fiber filled polymers. In some cases, the orientation of glass fibers can be determined visually in the CT dataset volume rendering.  In addition, a measurement plan can be implemented for the geometry on the outside and inside of a piece to analyze the part and compare it to the GD&T print templates. For more information please visit our website at www.jgarantmc.com or contact us at https://jgarantmc.com/contact


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