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Industrial CT Scanning for Dental Devices

CT scanning has come a long way from its standard medical use. With the advances in technology, now we can inspect the tools, devices and components used in the medical field itself and help improve the manufacturing process, using industrial CT scanning equipment. Internal inspection allows one to find internal voids, for example, that may make the device weak in certain critical areas in processes (such as two shot and over-mold). Industrial CT scanning is an x-ray technology which allows a part to be scanned in Free State form, with thousands of x-ray images captured through 360 degrees of rotation. The images are reconstructed into a 3D model and can be used for multiple types of analysis offered at JG&A Metrology Center, including void analysis, part to CAD comparison, reverse engineering & more! For more information, visit www.jgarantmc.com 


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3D Internal

CT Scanning

Internal inspection and validation in 3D without destroying your part.


2D Internal

Industrial X-Ray

Quick 2D internal part inspection in an easy to interpret digital format.


3D External

3D Scanning

High accuracy and high resolution 3D external part inspection services.