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Industrial CT Scanning Application for Wind Turbine Blade Samples

Wind farms introduction to the industry lead to the need of producing bigger and better models to cater to market needs. This has also introduced issue concerning weight, therefore different materials are utilized for an improved and updated model, in comparison to the traditional 100% fiberglass model. Some new materials that have been used include fiberglass composite, glass fiber, reinforced polymer composites and carbon fiber-reinforced load bearing spars; the latter of which reduces the weight of blades by over 30%.

In order to inspect and examine these materials, industrial CT scanning at JG&A Metrology Center is a beneficial tool to utilize. CT can help determine the fiber placement within the internal structure, without applying destructive testing. Industrial CT scanning can also calculate the number and volume of voids within the internal structure of the blade sample, which can aid in improving the manufacturing process and ensure the blade is not susceptible to breakage over time. For details on size specification or to learn more, visit jgarantmc.com


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