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How to See Internal Defects in Clay Models

When clay models are manufactured, it is hard to tell what the internal features consist of without applying destructive testing. Industrial CT scanning can be a beneficial tool for inspecting clay models for internal weak spots such as porosity, inclusions or cracks. This method of inspection is non-destructive, leaving the model in tact and untouched. The results will be seen as a generated 3D rendering with 2D slice views at 3 different angles. The internal components can be seen in both views. Also a CAD file can be generated for further analysis in a different program, useful for many different purposes including reverse engineering. Another analysis that can be done is Part to CAD, which is comparing a scanned object to a CAD file of a prototype or ideal model. JG&A Metrology Center offers multiple different types of analysis to fit the needs of clients. To investigate the different types of analysis further, visit www.jgarantmc.com/ct-services/

For more information on how to check for internal defects and the services of industrial CT scanning provided by Jesse Garant and Associates utilizing 3D xray please visit our website: www.jgarantmc.com


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