NDT & Metrology

How to Accurately Measure a Small Component in a Cost Effective Manner

Jesse Garant & Associates offers industrial Computed Tomography (CT) scanning services, providing internal and external part inspection in 3D. Industrial computed tomography (a NDT method) is an ideal way to cost effectively measure and inspect small parts. Detail on a piece can be measured to examine the feature geometry. Furthermore, a full GD&T measurement plan can be used for a small part to check for differences in a manufacture process or verify a design. Verifying small components is traditionally costly, but with industrial CT scanning inspection of small parts or an assembly, the verification process is quick and easy. Jesse Garant & Associates operates multiple machines in-house, having the ability to ensure each project is paired with the right machine for the most cost effective and reliable solution.  For more information on measuring small parts and the services of industrial CT scanning provided by Jesse Garant and Associates, visit www.jgarantmc.com


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3D Internal

CT Scanning

Internal inspection and validation in 3D without destroying your part.


2D Internal

Industrial X-Ray

Quick 2D internal part inspection in an easy to interpret digital format.


3D External

3D Scanning

High accuracy and high resolution 3D external part inspection services.