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How to Accurately Measure a Medical Device in a Cost Effective Manner Using 3D X-ray

Jesse Garant & Associates offers industrial Computed Tomography (3D x-ray) scanning services. Industrial computed tomography (a NDT method) systems are an ideal way to cost effectively measure and inspect medical devices and instruments. Detail on a piece can be measured to examine the feature geometry (both external and internal) to offer a greater visual experience, compared to most traditional scanning techniques (which only capture the surface of the material). A full GD&T measurement plan can be used for a a medical device to check for differences in a manufacture process or to verify a design. Verifying medical and bio-medical device assemblies internally & externally, is quick and easy. Furthermore, Inspection using CT scanning can detect a defect that may cause a failure. For more information on measuring small parts and the services of industrial CT scanning (3D x-ray) provided by Jesse Garant and Associates, visit www.jgarantmc.com


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