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Gear and Thread Inspection with Industrial CT Scanning Services from Jesse Garant & Associates

Industrial CT (computed tomography) scanning is a process which interlaces 2D x-ray images to produce 3D representations of components, both internally and externally. Measurement can be performed on the CT dataset, allowing to inspect, measure, and examine external and internal geometry. By utilizing various software platforms including GearPro, gear and thread geometry can be determined such as inner diameter, outer diameter, pitch diameter, pitch, tooth to tooth comparison, total comparable air, test radius, run-out, etc. Also, reverse engineering services are available.  Jesse Garant & Associates (www.jgarantmc.com) is a metrology laboratory offering services for industrial CT scanning (3D x-ray) a NDT method. For more information, visit www.jgarantmc.com

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3D Internal

CT Scanning

Internal inspection and validation in 3D without destroying your part.


2D Internal

Industrial X-Ray

Quick 2D internal part inspection in an easy to interpret digital format.


3D External

3D Scanning

High accuracy and high resolution 3D external part inspection services.