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CT Scanning for Composite Engine Blocks and Composite Parts

In the racing world, composite parts in the engine block are becoming the idealized vision for the future. Depending on the ratio of composite materials, their use may be responsible for reducing the weight of a car significantly – allowing for reduced lag (due to weight). Furthermore, replacing parts such as engine valves would allow the car to reach higher speeds as there is a higher stability point with composites when compared to the traditional steel material.

Composite parts are also used in areas of industry such as aerospace, defense, and telecommunications

, sometimes for similar reasons. Problems that may occur in the manufacturing process of composites are defects such as porosity, which, if unnoticed may lead to a malfunction earlier on than expected. If the part is located in an important area of the machine or vehicle, and it snaps due to the interior porosity while in use, the results can be deadly. 3D x-ray industrial CT scanning can be a useful tool for quality control and inspection because it allows you to see any internal defects. From there you can make adjustments to the manufacturing process accordingly before going into mass-production. This can be a huge cost-saver!

Along with this, CT scanning can also generate a CAD model for any part scanned which can be used for comparison to other scanned parts (Part to CAD comparison) or used to compare several manufacturing  processes. If you would like more information on CT scanning services please visit www.jgarantmc.com.


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