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Computed Tomography for Nickel

Inspection of defects in nickel causing failures can be completed utilizing industrial CT scanning services at Jesse Garant & Associates. CT scanning (3D x-ray) is a NDT method and can be used to examine internal flaws such as porosity, inclusions or cracks. Measurement of the percentage of porosity and individual void volumes is displayed in an easy to understand chart, following a void analysis. Failure inside an assembly can be difficult to detect without disassembly, but with CT scanning, the assembly can be analyzed in 3D without taking it apart. Very easily with CT, you can inspect and locate problem areas inside the assembly, and find the point of origin of a failure without needing to disassemble the components, applying fixtures or pressure. For more information on how to check for internal defects and the services of industrial CT scanning provided by Jesse Garant and Associates, visit www.jgarantmc.com/ct-services


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