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Benefits of CT Scanning for Orthotics

Orthotics is a health profession which focuses on supporting or correcting musculoskeletal problems, by designing and implementing orthoses. A direct factor that can cause these problems are the shoes that a person wears everyday. Wearing shoes with the wrong structural support, such as high heels or shoes that are pointed, can have a great impact on upper body muscles and joints. Industrial CT scanning can help those in the orthotics field by providing them with a CAD file, from their first prototype (the daunting task of creating a CAD file from scratch is eliminated). The CT scan can also generate a 3D model of the the product and will allow viewing of the internal components as well as the external geometry, for quality control and inspection purposes. Also, well known running shoe manufacturers are now using this technology to view the performance of their products over extended periods and inspecting the wear of the foam, lining, sole, etc.

An analysis technique that is available is porosity detection,which will show all the voids in the part and may help you develop a product with an extended lifespan or help you choose between a variety of products, if comparing multiple objects. To find out more about how Jesse Garant & Associates Metrology Center can help you with your orthotics needs, please visit www.jgarantmc.com


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