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Industrial CT Scanning

Advantages of Industrial CT Scanning

There are many advantages of using CT scanning over traditional techniques such as CMM’s, or 3D (three-dimensional) laser scanning systems using lasers. Some of the main advantages include:

  • Inspection and analysis costs from first article to production are significantly reduced
  • Design requirements for both internal and external components are validated quickly and accurately
  • Development costs are reduced in creating the first CAD model
  • Product quality is improved to reduce the risk of recalls
  • Accuracy is guaranteed by using a new level of CT scanning technology
  • Internal complex part features can be precisely measured without destructive testing
  • Delicate and fragile parts can be scanned in a free state environment
  • Electrode digitizing into continuous 2D and 3D image formats
  • Scanners use automation so human interaction is very minimal, therefore reducing experimental error
  • Reverse engineering
  • Comparing or creating an ideal prototype, molds or models
  • Video walkthroughs of the 3D part can be generated upon client request and can be compared to CCD cameras in the medical world and piping inspection systems and cameras.

If scanning multiple parts that are the same, engraving, etching and marking may be considered upon the request of the client, only for easier identification purposes. For more information on how CT scanning services can benefit you, please visit www.jgarantmc.com


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