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X-ray Inspection

Introducing good parts back into production


In an ideal world, parts would come off the production line defect free and ready for shipment. But the truth is, that kind of utopia in the part manufacturing world does not exist, and part failures can occur for any number of reasons. Though there may be uncertainty regarding the cause of part failures, identifying which parts are failing shouldn’t be uncertain. Faced with this fork in the road, manufacturers ...

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Offline Production Part Inspection


Image: Quality Engineer at Jesse Garant Metrology performing offline production inspection using a 450kv CT system for proactive NDT inspection.

To accomplish this, parts are required to be properly engineered from the very beginning. However, as design becomes more critical so too does the need for a “perfect” part to match the expectations of real world operations, simulated or otherwise.

The need for more efficient parts is driving industries to invest in ...

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What will the future hold for NDT inspection services?

With Industry 4.0 ushering in the widespread digitization of manufacturing, NDT laboratories are facing greater demand for advanced inspection methods and definitive results. Maintaining tight quality control in industry is essential for manufacturers to stand behind their product and avoid recalls that can ruin well-established companies.

Reactive and Proactive NDT

Non-destructive testing can be done at any stage of a product’s lifecycle. Currently, NDT for parts is mostly utilized as a reactive ...

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